Poland’s Anita Wlodarczyk, who produced a winning hammer throw of 80.85m – second only to her August 1 world record of81.08 – believes she is the weakest thrower out there. And yet she is still intent on improving her world record before the season is over.

“My back is very injury prone so I can’t train very hard in the weight room,” she said after regaining a world title she first won in 2009. “I’m sure I’m the weakest out of my rivals in that department. But what I’m the best at is my techniques. I throw a couple of thousand times during a year. And my techniques are what I mostly focus on working with my coach.

“I’m really glad about the outcome of today’s competition. Out of five throws, four were the winning throws. I’m happy I crossed the 80 meters line twice. I showed the world in a major event that I can throw far. So I confirmed my world record result from Cetniewo, and I’m very happy to be a World Champion again after six years.”

Wlodarczyksaid the gold and bronze won here in the men’s hammer throw by, respectively, Pawel Fajdek and Wojciech Nowicki showed that Polish hammer throwing “is the best in the world right now – and I joined to them tonight. I’m happy that we continue the excellent results that were started many years ago by KamilaSkolimowska and Szymon Ziółkowski, who were both Olympic champions from Sydney2000.

“It’s the first time in history that one country has won the World Championships in both men’s and women’s hammer throw, and altogether we have three medals in the hammer. So it is the No1 athletic event in Poland now. And I hope we continue this series for a long time.”

Wlodarczyk, who wore the glove used during competition by her late friend Skolimowska, added:

“I’m the kind of an athlete who enjoys the competition and frankly speaking if there was somebody a little bit closer to my results I could be more motivated. Unfortunately, I had to fight with myself rather but I know I can throw even further and add something to my world record.

“I still have two competitions ahead of me this season, the Berlin ISTAF Meeting and the Kamila Skolimowska Memorial meet in Warsaw. And this is where I will try to throw further and beat my own record.”

MeanwhileChina’s 29-year-old Wenxiu Zhang, who took silver with 76.33, said she had hoped for a victory in her eighth World Championships, where she has already taken three bronzes.

“I hoped I would hear the Chinese national anthem tonight,” she said. “I want to congratulate my Polish rival for beating the Championship record. It was a long journey for me to be in eight World Championships. I’m pursuing my dreams. My aim is not to become popular by showing up so many times at this event but I want to prove myself and spare no effort to have good results.

“I went to my first championships when I was 15 in 2001 and even though I’m not the eldest I have the most experience from all athletes I compete against now. A hammer throw is a very tough event, training is hard but that is part of my life. Last year my preparations were disturbed but I still feel I can improve and happily continue my career for a couple of more years.”