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                                            Service hotline: shenzhen:0755-25857507 Hunan:0731-55880108


                                            Contact us

                                            Shenzhen yue peng environmental protection technology co., LTD

                                            Telephone: 0755-25857566

                                            Email address: sales@yphb.com.cn

                                            Address: shenzhen baoan south road of hong hao yuan shang ge 20 c/D/E

                                            Hunan hunan Taiwan environmental protection of the next scene high and new technology development co., LTD

                                            Telephone: 0731-55880108

                                            Email address: sales@yphb.com.cn

                                            Address: xiangtan jiu hua economic and technological development zone dongfeng road no. 8

                                            Jingyi Detection


                                            Hunan Jingyi Environmental Protection Detection Co., Ltd. is a non-governmental third-party detection institution, with an area of 2000 square meters for independent laboratories and offices. It has passed CMA measurement certification in February 2014, and is the first batch of comprehensive qualifications of social environmental testing service in Hunan Province. The testing qualification covers more than 600 items in the fields of water and waste water, soil and solid waste, agricultural products, air and waste gas, industrial noise and vibration, chemical products and so on. The laboratory is equipped with ICP-MS, GC-MS, GC, HPLC, IC, AAS, AES,UV and other large and medium-sized instruments and equipment.

                                            At present, the company has more than 40 employees, 95% of whom have bachelor degree or above. Meanwhile, the company has also hired scores of senior experts in detection field as permanent consultants. In 2014, it established a industry-university-research learning base with the Institute of Resource Cycle of Central South University. Besides, the company is the Core Service Provider in SMEs in Hunan Province, Members of Hunan Environmental Manager Service Information and the Vice President of Hunan Province Public Health Environmental Inspection Industry Association.

                                            Jingyi Detection upholds the principle of impartiality, science, accuracy and standardization to ensures the authenticity and reliability of data and provide professional and reliable testing technology services for the society.

                                            Tel: 0731-55550161 / 55550162

                                            Fax: 0731-52888795

                                            Contact: Yang Zhimin

                                            Email: yangzhimin@yphb.com.cn

                                            Address: No.8 Dongfeng Road, Jiuhua Economic Development Zone, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province