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                                            Wastewater treatment technology is introduced
                                            Category: Environmental protection
                                            Date: 2019-03-29
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                                            Author: 佚名

                                            A PCB wastewater treatment technology

                                            Printed circuit board wastewater treatment and reuse technology

                                            PCB production wastewater composition is complicated, and the concentration difference is big, mainly contain Cu2 + and Ni2 + in waste water, COD, acid, alkali, such as EDTA complexometric ion pollution components. Waste water containing these ingredients if not treated directly discharged into water bodies, will bring a series of harm to the environment.

                                            The company according to the characteristics of the circuit board wastewater, after a lot of research, experiment analysis and engineering practice to develop the leading domestic wastewater treatment process. According to the circuit board preparation, accurately classified collection of waste water and adopts the corresponding processing process respectively.

                                            The process flow

                                            1552977451695083111. The PNG

                                            The process system can guarantee the stability of treated effluent discharging standard, basic meet the requirements of the water. System process flow, layout reasonable, beautiful appearance, the application of automatic control, convenient operation, reliable operation.

                                            Second, the printed circuit board etching liquid recycling technology

                                            Printed circuit board etching liquid recycling technology

                                            Circuit board in the production process, screen printing, after enhancement, to take off the film, there are about 70 - more than 90% of the copper film is removed corrosion and corrosion of copper film after large amounts of waste water containing copper, the amount of alkaline etching solution containing copper is about 50-150 - g/L, the acid etching liquid copper content is about 30-100 - g/L. The two thick copper liquid such as directly into mixed in the waste water processing, processing load and processing both increase the difficulty, and increasing investment cause waste of resources.

                                            A high concentration of copper waste liquid is a good raw material, manufacturing copper sulfate and raw material purity, less impurities. The company after years of research, developed a set of economical and practical etching liquid crystalline recovery technology.

                                            The process flow

                                            1552977492742001308. The PNG

                                            This process by crystallization and purification, can be made in accordance with national standard GB 473-80 level of copper sulphate (per ton wastewater to produce CuSO4.5 H2O 300-500 kg)

                                            Three, electroplating wastewater reuse technology

                                            Electroplating wastewater reuse technology

                                            Electroplating wastewater including electroplating rinse water, passivation wastewater, plating pieces pickling waste water and waste water, rinsed in floor and plate water complex, the composition is not easy to control, mainly contain chromium, cadmium, nickel, copper, zinc, gold, silver and other heavy metal ions, cyanide, acid and alkali, etc. The company after years of experiments and engineering practice, developed a cost-effective electroplating wastewater treatment technology. This process will be divided into cyanide electroplating wastewater is a comprehensive chromium waste water, waste water and waste water, considering the characteristics of the various kinds of wastewater and the reaction conditions of various metal ions, find out the best combining site. For waste water containing cyanide, chrome mainly USES the principle of chemical oxidation reduction after processing, and comprehensive wastewater for chemical neutralization precipitation treatment again.

                                            The process flow

                                            1552977492954071778. The PNG

                                            Four, printing and dyeing wastewater

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