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                                            Information | environmental news week Courier (15)
                                            Category: Industry news
                                            Date: 2019-03-29
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                                            Author: 佚名

                                            1. National Development and Reform Commission's Guiding Opinions on Cultivating and Developing Modern Metropolitan Areas, Development and Reform Plan [2019] 328

                                            Guidance: Strengthen the co-protection and Co-governance of the ecological environment, focusing on promoting the Co-governance of the ecological environment of the metropolitan area and the prevention and control of the source, strengthen the co-construction of the ecological network and the joint prevention and control of the environment, achieve the simultaneous improvement of the ecological environment quality in the integrated development, build a beautiful Metropolitan area, and build a green ecological network. Strictly protect the important ecological space across administrative regions, strengthen the maintenance and construction of ecological land in central cities, formulate and implement ecological environment management and control programs in metropolitan areas, and jointly implement ecological system protection and restoration projects. Strengthen the connection of regional ecological corridors and greenways, promote the construction of forest land, green land and wetland, dredging of rivers and lakes, and the restoration of the ecological environment of the metropolitan area, and promote joint prevention and control of the environment. Take the metropolitan area as a unit to formulate a timetable for meeting the urban air quality standards, strengthen the pollution control of industrial, mobile and living sources, and achieve the unification of environmental standards for registration and registration of motor vehicles and vehicle fuel standards. Accelerate the elimination of inferior class V water quality sections in metropolitan areas. To carry out the classification of domestic refuse in an all-round way and basically complete the task of disposal of domestic refuse dumps in stock. Encourage energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, and implement mandatory energy-saving standards for 100% of new urban buildings. The requirements of soil environmental management for construction land should be incorporated into urban planning and land supply management, and the mechanism of ecological environment co-governance should be established. We will accelerate the integration of the ecological environment monitoring network and establish a mechanism for comprehensive prevention and control of air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution in the metropolitan area and coordination of interests through consultation. Explore the mode of ecological protection development, establish the mechanism of realizing the value of ecological products and the mechanism of market-oriented ecological compensation.

                                            2. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment listened to the opinions of relevant industry associations and key enterprises of phosphorus chemical industry on the action plan of special investigation and renovation of "three phosphorus" in the Yangtze River.

                                            On February 22, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment held a symposium to discuss the pollution prevention and control of "three phosphorus" (phosphate rock, phosphate chemical enterprise and phosphogypsum depot) in the Yangtze River face to face with representatives of relevant industry associations and enterprises of phosphorus chemical industry, and to listen to opinions on the action programme of special investigation and control.

                                            Recently, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment has visited Chongqing, Hubei, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan and other major phosphorus chemical provinces to carry out research on mines and enterprises. On this basis, in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and standards, fully absorb the opinions of industry associations and enterprises, and formulate the investigation and remediation plan and target requirements for the "three phosphorus" pollution problem. Participants believed that the mission objectives and measures proposed by the programme were practical, effective and feasible. At the same time, specific amendments to the content of the programme were put forward. Relevant comrades in charge of the Ministry of Ecological Environment said that they should fully absorb the opinions of all parties, continue to revise and improve the work programme, and issue and implement it as soon as possible.

                                            Next, the Ministry of Ecological Environment, together with relevant provinces and municipalities, will further strengthen the supervision, guidance and assistance to industrial enterprises, according to the working ideas of banning and eliminating a batch of enterprises, upgrading a batch of enterprises to meet the standards, and standardizing and upgrading a batch of enterprises, to deal with backward production capacity that seriously pollutes the environment in accordance with the regulations, to guide and help enterprises that fail to meet the standards to carry out the transformation, and to promote standardized management level; Enter green productivity and set up industry benchmark. Strive to take about two years to effectively prevent and control the "three phosphorus" pollution and promote the green development of the phosphorus chemical industry chain.

                                            3. The State Council approved the Action Plan for Comprehensive Control of Groundwater Overexploitation in North China

                                            In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on the construction of ecological civilization and the protection of national water security, and focus on solving the problem of groundwater overexploitation in North China, the Ministry of Water Resources, in conjunction with relevant departments and local governments, has studied and formulated the Action Plan for Comprehensive Control of Groundwater Overexploitation in North China, and put forward the comprehensive control of groundwater overexploitation in North China. Overall ideas, governance objectives, key measures and safeguards. With the approval of the State Council, the Ministry of Water Resources, the Ministry of Finance, the Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas jointly issued the plan recently.

                                            The plan focuses on Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area, adheres to the problem-oriented principle, combines near and far, integrates measures, highlights key points and pilot projects first, and adopts comprehensive measures of "one reduction and one increase" (one reduction means reducing groundwater overexploitation through water saving and adjusting agricultural structure); "one increase" means increasing water supply through multiple channels, and implementing groundwater recharge in rivers and lakes. To improve the carrying capacity of regional water resources and water environment, systematically promote the control of groundwater overexploitation in North China, gradually realize the balance of groundwater exploitation and recharge, reduce the intensity of water resources development in the basin and region, effectively solve the problem of groundwater overexploitation in North China, and provide water security guarantee for promoting sustainable economic and social development.

                                            Next, the Ministry of Water Resources, together with relevant departments, will organize relevant provinces and municipalities to speed up the implementation of action plans to promote the overall management of groundwater overexploitation in North China, so as to ensure regional water security and ecological security.

                                            4. Ministry of Housing and Construction: From 2019, municipalities at prefecture level and above should start the work of domestic waste classification in an all-round way.

                                            In 2017, the "Implementation Plan of Domestic Waste Classification System" was formally implemented, and the compulsory classification of domestic waste was first implemented in 46 key cities. Statistics from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction show that by the end of 2018, 46 cities had started domestic waste classification in an all-round way. The coverage rate of residential quarters carrying out garbage classification reached 23.6%. The central units, troops stationed in Beijing and provincial authorities have carried out domestic garbage classification in an all-round way.

                                            The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Housing and Construction said that this year will promote the classification and treatment of domestic waste. Summarizing the Pilot Work in 46 Cities

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