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                                            News | yue peng environmental protection and international China environment fund (IFCE) reached a s
                                            Category: Company news
                                            Date: 2019-03-29
                                            Click: 2275
                                            Author: 佚名


                                            On February 25, xiangtan held by the open area, xiangtan heald protect area economic work conference in 2019, the service enterprise, outstanding entrepreneurs, etc for park has made outstanding contributions to economic development awards the units and individuals.

                                            Yue peng environmental protection group, a subsidiary of hunan scene following xiang sets of high and new technology development co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "environmental protection" of the next scene) with the innovation and breakthrough in the field of environmental protection, was named "top ten scientific and technological innovation enterprise". Company since its establishment insisted that the innovation as the first motive force in the development, adhere to technological innovation, service innovation, cooperation and win-win concept of development. As hunan province high and new technology enterprise, the company currently has three provincial development platform: engineering technology center of hunan province, hunan province enterprise technology center, postdoctoral workstation collaborative research and development center of hunan province.


                                            View of environmental protection science and technology innovation team of the next is a profound and ability outstanding professional team, through independent research and development, technology innovation, the core technology breakthrough, from clean technology, clean products, environmental services, comprehensive development in the field of governance, etc.

                                            Science and technology is the basis of an enterprise progress, innovation is the soul of an enterprise progress, science and technology innovation is a guarantee for the sustainable development of enterprises. View of environmental protection of the next year will further enhance the enterprise's capacity for independent innovation, continuous technical innovation and breakthrough of pollution control, to "create beautiful homes, let the environment around a better place" and make unremitting efforts.

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