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                                            Good news | yue peng environmental again "high-tech enterprise" honorary title
                                            Category: Company news
                                            Date: 2019-03-29
                                            Click: 2106
                                            Author: 佚名

                                            According to the measures for the administration of the recognition of hi-tech enterprises and the recognition of hi-tech enterprises management guidelines "the relevant provisions of our company in shenzhen, guangdong peng environmental protection technology co., LTD., on February 28, was awarded a" high-tech enterprise "certificate, the certificate by the innovation of science and technology commission of shenzhen, shenzhen's finance committee, the state administration of taxation of shenzhen city tax bureau jointly issued, the certificate is valid for three years.


                                            The recognition of hi-tech enterprises is the core independent intellectual property rights to the company, science and technology achievement transformation ability, organization and management level, growth indexes and comprehensive assessment of talent structure and recognized. Through layers of screening and strict assessment and examination and approval procedures, yue peng was ultimately decided that environmental protection. This suggests that the companies have strong support from countries in terms of innovative research and development and recognition, but also actively promote the company's industrial structure adjustment, stimulated the enthusiasm of the independent innovation, improve the ability of technological innovation.

                                            Company will continue to uphold the "pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation" concept, enhance the company science and technology research and development ability and management level, enhance enterprise core competitiveness and brand influence, to "create beautiful homes, let the environment a better place" and make unremitting efforts.

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